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How to hack Wifi on Android?

Hack wifi on android

This is not a fake or any kinds of bullshit thing. Look at the following tutorial to see how to hack Wifi on Android phone. We actually do not need to use the “Hack” notion here since we are going to use a tool which attempts possible passwords from passcode dictionary until connects successfully to the targeted WiFi Network.

WiBR + is an app for Android phone. This software automatically detects the right password by using Brute Force technique. WiBR + will try to work out with each password from passcode database until it find the right one.

This is possible since almost current WiFi router does not conclude the feature that prevents mistyped password in several times. And of course WPA or WPA2 does not matter at all. What are the keys? Being patient, the password strength, and some kinds of luck.

How to hack WiFi password on Android Phone using WiBR +?

Android 4.0 is required. Download WiBR 2.2 + here.

1. From your Android phone, run WiBR +.

WiBR +

2. Click on Add Network

Add Network

3. The app then starts scanning all WiFi networks around you.

Network List

4. Tab on the targeted WiFi network, click on Configure BruteForce (For using this method, we recommending try the one with better signal strength first).

Configure Buteforce

5. You can limit the range of password types, then tab on Save Configuration.

BruteForce configure

6. Check on Bruteforce, Small Dictionary, Middle Dictionary, or Big Dictionary. You can select just one, some or all of them. Finally, tab on Add Queue.

Choose the rage of password dictionary

7. The app starts matching. Just leave the phone working and wait for the result.

Start Matching

8. The password is found successfully.

Password found

How long does it take? That really depends on how complicated the password is. However, it is absolutely doable to hack Wifi Password on Android phone, isn’t it?

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Tomy Livingstone
Tomy Livingstone
4 years ago

download link is DEAD!!!!!

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