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How to get Windows 10 for free

Firstly, We want to clear that we are not going to talk about how to crack Windows 10 and share any Windows 10 product keys. In this topic, we will share a tip to get Windows 10 activated successfully without a product key by using a free Windows 10 activator in minutes.

Get Windows 10 free

We do respect to DCMA policy, so please use this source for education purposes only and we do not commit responsibility to any troubles and problems. If you do use Microsoft product for Business or Job, please buy a legal one.

Mac users might want to take a look on: Quickly install Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and XP from Mac OS X using BootCamp and Install Windows 10 through Bootcamp on MacBook 2015.

1. Download Windows 10 installer (32-64 bit)

It is able to download original Windows 10 (32-64 bit).ISO from Microsoft Download Page.

Windows 10 download

2. How to Install Windows 10 on PC

Howtogeek introduced a very specific instruction to install and setup Windows 10 on PC.

3. How get Windows 10 activated for free?

This is the point of this writing. After installing Windows 10 successfully into your PC, you can use a free Activator tool named KMSPico.

Is KMSPico safe?

Until now, we have not found any official reports that demonstrate KMSPico is bad, unsafe and related virus. You might to take a look on KMSPico — good idea or bad? : Piracy – Reddit.

Activate Windows 10 for free using KMSPico

1. Download and install latest KMSPico:

[sdm_download id=”5073″ fancy=”1″]

2. Press the Red button and wait until the activation process is finished completely.

Crack Windows 10

3. Your Windows 10 is activated successfully, and you get Windows 10 for free.


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