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How to get Microsoft Office 2016 pro plus full version [FREE]

Please be aware of that this short writing is not about how to crack Office 2016 pro. Microsoft Office 2016 pro Full version free download is the point in the range of this article.

Microsoft Office 2016 pro full free download

Microsoft Office 2016 is the latest version of the popular office tools of Microsoft Office. Official version of Office 2016 pro has just been released, and you can download the full version and see the instruction how activate it for free in the following article (free activation solution). 

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Download and get Office 2016 pro Full version free

For Windows, Microsoft Office 2016 pro plus v16.0.4229.1015 (32 and 64-bit) full version download linkhttp://bit.ly/1JcYhz1

We will update torrent link soon.

How to install and activate Microsoft Office 2016 pro in Windows?

Our following instruction might be hard to understand and not really clear to follow, you should look at the images and compare with the screen on your computer during process.

1. Extract the downloaded file into a new folder named Soft (for example), you get Office 2016 pro installer and activator tool.

Office 2016 pro installer and activator

2. Run JATDevice.cmd file, hold A keyboard to choose Activation Menu.

Run Office 2016 Activation Menu

3. Press D too choose DOWNLOAD/INSTALL OFFICE 16


4. Press I to choose INSTALL VNEXT OFFICE


5. Look at the following image: Enter > Press 1 to install Office 2016 > Enter > Press 0 > Enter > Press 0 > Enter > Enter > Press 1 to install > Enter.

istall office 2016 pro full

The installing processes begin and will be finished within 20 minutes. You can close the JATDevice.cmd.

installing processes begin

6. To get Office 2016 pro activated, you must Close Office 2016, run JATDevice.cmd again under administrator permission > press A then C to make tool convert Office version > press P to confirm. It might be hard to follow, so look at the picture below:

Activate Office 2016 pro free

7. The tool should be closed automatically once the process is finished. You need to run JATDevice.cmd again to do further steps. If the tool is not closed, press B to turn back the main screen.

8. Press 1 to activate.

Activated office 2016 pro in Windows

9. You then be asked if you want to activate win 8 or win 10 (choose A to agree or S to ignore). And then press A to activated office professional 2016.

Office 2016 professional activation

10. Press Enter when you see “set host” and “set port”. You should restart your PC when the activation process is finished completely.

Office 2016 pro fully activated

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Newest update on Nov 23 2015: We have just updated the newest version so far with much easier solution to get the software activated. Look at: Microsoft Office 2016 Pro [ISO Full version + Crack] [Windows + Mac].

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Frank Alfve
Frank Alfve
6 years ago

El archivo ya no existe en el link que das. Puedes resubirlo? Gracias

Frank Alfve
Frank Alfve
6 years ago

The file doesn't exist anymore in the link you posted. Can you reload it please?

John Smith
John Smith
5 years ago

Thank you!

Fayme Bazin
Fayme Bazin
5 years ago

Thank you for sharing it here.

Alexis Campbell
Alexis Campbell
5 years ago

Thank you! I was searching for it.

Lisa Sansone
Lisa Sansone
5 years ago

me too

Tim Barone
Tim Barone
5 years ago

Does it works on windows 10?

Larry Smith
Larry Smith
5 years ago

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4 years ago

Great thanks, for the activation, u could try mskeyoffer(doc)com to get the genuine license, it’s quite convenient.

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