How to get back iOS 8.2 after updating to iOS 8.3

Get back iOS 8.2


There are reasons to get back iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3 after updating. Almost iPhone users want to Downgrade iOS 8.3 back to 8.2 since the Touch ID problem in 8.3. Look at the tutorial below to see how to do.

After being updated to iOS 8.3, some iOS device models such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 get Touch ID trouble. That Touch ID is disable means Finger printer unlock can not be used even iOS comes with new amazing features. That is the potential reason makes people want to get back iOS 8.2 or even older to jailbreak. You might want to see How to get back to iOS 7.x from iOS 8.x firmware.

Be noticed:

To get back iOS 8.2 and downgrade iOS 8.3, you need to pay attention on these:

– Download and install iTunes newest version from Apple store.
– Download iOS 8.2Firmware compatible with your particular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
– Your internet connection is stable.
– Get your device charged over 70 %
– Backup your iOS in both iTunes and iCloud.
– Apple absolutely does not encouraged to do this.

5 Steps to get back to iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3

Take these steps below to downgrade iOS 8.3 back to iOS 8.2:

  • Step 1 : Download suitable iOS 8.2 firmware

You need to download compatible IPSW iOS 8.2 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch here: iOS 8.2 firmwares download.

  • Step 2: Get DFU status

You need to get your iOS device to DFU status by holding the 2 buttons (Power and Home) in 10 seconds roughly. And then free the Power button and keep holding Home button until iTunes get connected to your iPhone.

Get DFU status to downgrade iOS 8.3

  • Step 3: Press and hold Option + Alt on Mac keyboard or Shift in Windows and choose Restore iPhone

Get back iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3

  • Step 4 : Choose IPSW iOS 8.2 Firmware downloaded in step 1

Restore iOS 8.2  firmware to downgrade iOS 8.3

  • Step 5 : Click on update button to get back iOS 8.2

Click on Update to get back iOS 8.2

The further automatic processes will takes a few minutes to be accomplished. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will reboot themselves and you get back iOS 8.2 and downgrade iOS 8.3 successfully.