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How to fix “This iPhone has been lost . Please call me…”

One day your iPhone is locked with the passcode you do not know. There is a constant notification on the screen: “This iPhone has been lost . Please call me…”. Why and how to fix and get rid of this trouble?

This iphone has been lost . Please call me

Explanations for constant notification of “This iPhone has been lost . Please call me…”

You are not reading my article if you can unlock the iPhone with your own passcode of course. This is one function which is enabled on iCloud account if the Find My iPhone is enabled in iOS.

Think about this circumstance: You lost your iPhone somewhere. To protect your Data or send a message to the one who get your iPhone in order to get it back, you can login to your iCloud account through website and enable this feature to tell someone that you want to get the device back. This is one of awesome functions Apple provide their users. However, someone might take advantage illegally from this.

Possible contexts:

A fucking friend or a neighbor might ask to borrow your iPhone for a little call, mail checking,… for a moment.  Or someone working for an Apple service who have the right to keep your iPhone for hardware & software repair at your demand.

How do they hit you from your back? they set their own iCloud account to replace yours in iOS on your iPhone. Days later, they login on their iCloud account from the web-browser, lock out your iPhone and sending a such god damn message (This iPhone has been lost . Please call me) to ask for money if the owner want to get rid of the problem. It commonly happens in Asian countries. Some one them even contact the owners if they want to sell the affected iPhone for some bucks.


In deed, making the deal with them or bringing the a service to replace some expensive hardware components (it costs about 200- 250 USD roughly) are the only solutions you should consider to make your wise choice.

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