How to fix No Volume During a Call on iPhone – improve sound quality in 6 ways

During a call on iPhone, you can not hear the sound clearly due to reasons such as nearly no volume, unstable or distorted sounds…. Look at 6 ways suggested to improve your iPhone sound quality in the following article.

improve iPhone sound quality during call

How to Fix if there is No volume or hearing low sound quality During a Call on iPhone

We would suggest not only both hardware and software solutions but also wise habit when taking your call for best sound as much as possible.

1- Choose favorable positions for a call

Insufficient signal and noisy context

The calling sound from iPhone is distorted and sometimes gone if you don’t take a position for sufficient signal and quiet context around you.

2- Turn up the volume

Turn up volume

You should turn up the Volume via software method to make sure the Volume up (+) and Down (-) button have no physical issue.

3- Clean up the receiver mesh of iPhone for better sound quality

Clean up the iPhone speaker

People tend to suppose that there are no problems with the receiver mesh component since their iPhone does not seem to be old enough for such matter. However, it not funny when I was placed in a circumstance that the entire speaker on my NEW iPhone 6 had been covered fully with biscuit by my little nephew.

4- Check the handset bluetooth connection

Handset bluetooth connection causes no sound during call on iPhone
Handset bluetooth connection causes no sound during call on iPhone from the speaker

Look at the image above to check if there is still a connection between your iPhone and a handset device.

5- Reboot iPhone might fix no sound issue on iPhone

Reboot iPhone for better sound quality

You know that rebooting iPhone is always a good solution to solve many other issues on iPhone. Why don’t you try. Do it, and if it won’t turn on, look at our another topic –  What to do when iPhone will not boot?.

We strongly recommend to Cleanup your iPhone, especially the very old one such as iPhone 3, 4, 4S. You might want to look at: Manually Clean up iOS to fix lag on jailbroken iPhone and Clean up manually iPhone to free up significant space.

6- Erase All Content and Settings

After force reboot your iPhone, but the sound quality is still not improved, you might need to Erase all current Content and Settings. Look at the following image for instruction.

Erase All Content and Settings in iOS to fix no sound issue

Hopefully our above suggestions could help to improve the sound for better call quality on your iPhone.