How to change the Trash icon in El Capitan

change the Trash icon in El CapitanThe trash icon in El Capitan looks terrible, and that would hurt my eyes. If you agree with me, look at the way I change the Trash icon in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Alright, Apple said there was a new remarkable feature related to the trash in the new El Capitan. However, what a poor design for such a good new function image!

It is impossible to change and replace the trash icon if you not in Recovery mode.

Step 1: Get OS X 10.11 Recovery boot by keep holding  and r after press the power button. And then you will be able to launch Terminal.

Open Terminal From Recover mode

Step 2: Enter following command lines: csrutil disable
Of course, you can enable it after getting the job done by this “csrutil enable”

Step 3: Reboot your Mac by this command: reboot

Step 4: I am still using Mavericks. These above are the 4 image files (found in System/Library/CoreServices/

Mavericks trash iconsAt for Mac OS X El Capitan, it is able to change the trash icon by replacing the 4 corresponding images, which should be found in System/Library/CoreServices/

Step 5: You to reboot your mac to see the new design.