change the Trash icon in El CapitanThe trash icon in El Capitan looks terrible, and that would hurt my eyes. If you agree with me, look at the way I change the Trash icon in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Alright, Apple said there was a new remarkable feature related to the trash in the new El Capitan. However, what a poor design for such a good new function image!

It is impossible to change and replace the trash icon if you not in Recovery mode.

Step 1: Get OS X 10.11 Recovery boot by keep holding  and r after press the power button. And then you will be able to launch Terminal.

Open Terminal From Recover mode

Step 2: Enter following command lines: csrutil disable
Of course, you can enable it after getting the job done by this “csrutil enable”

Step 3: Reboot your Mac by this command: reboot

Step 4: I am still using Mavericks. These above are the 4 image files (found in System/Library/CoreServices/

Mavericks trash iconsAt for Mac OS X El Capitan, it is able to change the trash icon by replacing the 4 corresponding images, which should be found in System/Library/CoreServices/

Step 5: You to reboot your mac to see the new design.