How to backup and transfer pdf files from ibooks to Macbook

If you are looking solutions for:

  • Backup all your PDF Files in iBooks app in iOS on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Import pdf files in iBooks to transfer all your books into a Macbook.

It’s simple in following steps:

Backup PDF files in iBooks

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Macbook running iTunes.
  2. Go to File > Devices > select Transfer purchases, and all PDF books or epubs and iBooks downloaded from iBookstore will be copied.
  3. From iBooks app on your Macbook, go to File > Move Books From iTunes (If you are using an old version of OS X which does not contains iBooks, you can easily find the copied files in the Books part of your Mac’s iTunes library).

Please be aware of that these ePub and PDF files will only transfer once. After that, you must download them directly from the website to your computer.