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How to add password to protect a Folder in Mac OS X

Add password to protect folders in Mac OS X

Don’t need an external application, we can easily add password to protect Folder by creating an Encrypted Disk image from folder in Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite or any OS X versions.

Hiding folder is a simple way to protect your Data somehow. Take a look at How to hide Folder and view hidden files in Mac OS X El Capitan.

Apple provides Mac OS X with a feature that can encrypt a folder to a new disk image. The encrypted Folders will be protected totally by your own secured password.

Protect Folder on Mac

Steps to add password protection to a Folder in Mac OS X

Commit the instruction below:

Encrypt Folder with password protection on Mac

How to open the Encrypted Folder and Contents with password protection in OS X?

You got the new disk image of the Folder after the encryption process is completed. Just open the disk image and fill your own password. We would recommend not to check “Remember password in my keychain” option.

Protect Folder on MacIt seems very easy and simple to add password to protect a Folder in Mac OS X right now. I hope my little tip would help you to protect your Data well.

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