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Get rid of Facebook Messenger problem

Get rid of Messenger app

You may be inhibited since every-time you access Facebook messenger for chatting on iPhone, you always are required to get through Facebook Messenger app or to install it if it has not been downloaded? Chatting in Facebook Messenger  is good because it is designed with features just to chit chat and conversation, but most people still prefer to just keep checking in & chatting with friends on Facebook application. So how to get rid of this discomfort? This article are gonna help you how to get rid of Facebook Messenger problem.

Facebook Messenger is a trouble
Facebook annoys their users using iOS with Facebook Messenger installation requirement

There are 2 simple ways to do. If you installed Facebook messenger, remove it and follow the tutorial below.

1. Get rid of Facebook Messenger installation requirement through 2 simple steps:

  1. Go to Facebook Message via Facebook appplication like you always do normally.
  2. You will be required to download Messenger app, just click on Install

After these actions, you will have 2 different tips to attempt the problem. Try the first tip first.

  • Tip 1: After being directed to Apple store screen, touch “Download” or “Get” or “Install” and then click on Stop to end the downloading process. That’s this, really simply. However, Facebook might fix this bug soon, so, if it does not work, try the Tip 2.
  • Tip 2: Once the downloading is starting, press Home button to go to screen, then touch and hold on the Messenger app logo which has not been downloaded completely yet to remove it . Now let’s see the result 🙂
Delete Messenger downloading to get rid of Facebook messenger trouble
Delete Messenger downloading to get Get rid of Facebook Messenger

I did successfully and got out of this so-called Facebook Messenger problem , if you can’t, you might have to jailbreak your iPhone to follow the second solution by using FBNoNeedMessenger.

2. Continue chatting on Facebook with FBNoNeedMessenger

This tip is for only iPhone jailbroken, there will be additional FBNoNeedMessenger setting that helps prevent Facebook from bringing you to the Facebook Messenger install popup window.

You might want to look at – Jailbreak iOS 8.3 successfully tools update

FBNoNeedMessenger can be downloaded free from Cydia. To get rid of Facebook Messenger, all things you need to do is downloading this application without any other complicated manipulations.

Install FBNoNeedMessenger to continue chatting conveniently with your friend on Facebook in iPhone.
Install FBNoNeedMessenger to continue chatting conveniently with your friend on Facebook in iPhone.

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