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Get IDM 6 fully activated [FREE] – NO Crack

Get free IDM

It is not about crack or things related, you will see how to activated IDM 6 all versions using shared license key and editing the host file to prevent IDM server from realizing the key is blocked already.

In the range of this article, I will guide you how to get IDM activated permanently using shared license key. This approach is relatively complex and more complicated with cracking IDM using path file. However, once you get it done, you can use forever for free. This method is suitable for all the versions of IDM.

How to activate IDM successfully using a blocked license key?

1. Block all ingoing connection from PC to IDM server before installing

If you are using Mac OS X (You might want to take a look on how to install IDM on Mac), using Little Snitch to block all outgoing connections to IDM server quite easily.

For Windows, Open the host file (found in C:\Windows\\System32drivers\etc) using text editor (notepad), then add the following lines at the end, then save.

Block IDM server

2. Download and install IDM using shared key

Download and install IDM newest version from IDM homepage, then install the software using one of the following license keys:

idm license key

Idm product key

It should work obviously. Cheers!

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