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Free download Little Snitch 3 full version, how to use


Free download Little Snitch

This writing is gonna share you free download little snitch link and the tutorial how to use little snitch in Mac OS X.

What Little Snitch can do?

This is an application that help to monitor and manage all incoming and outgoing connection in Mac OS X. Other words, it is like a firewall preventing your Mac from unexpected guests from the huge internet sources, but also protects your Data from sending or sharing out through internet.

What Little Snitch can do

Little Snitch protects your Mac

Free download Little Snitch 3.3.4 link

Little Snitch full version free can be downloaded by the following download link:

[su_button url=”http://macbold.com/go/LittleSnitch” target=”blank” background=”#ef942d”]Free download Little Snitch 3.5[/su_button]

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Tutorial how to use Little Snitch

Using Little Snitch is quite simply after taking a while to get used.

How to install  Little Snitch?

After download Little Snitch from the link above, run LittleSnitch 3.3.4.dmg to install, then choose Little Snitch Installer and follow the instruction further until the last step that you are required to restart Mac OS X.

How to install Little Snitch

How to use?

  • After Restart, Little Snitch will run automatically.

Get little snitch free

  • Little Snitch has a duty of managing all internet connections (both incoming out out-coming). When using Mac OS X, if there is any applications send a connection out, Little Snitch will alert we know. To do that, choose NEW and then make setting like this picture:

Monitor App connection with little snitch

  • Or you can just choose to monitor a particular Application

Monitor a particular Application with little snitch

That’s this, leave a comment if you are still confused about any things. To speedup your Mac OS X system, we would recommend our other topics CleanMyMac full version for free download & How to crack Mackeeper easily in 3 steps

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