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How to Fix if your Magic Mouse gets laggy on Macs

Fix magic mouse lags

If you are using the Magic Mouse on Macs and encountering slow and laggy mouse movements, or stalling and loss of connection, the causes can be attributed to both hardware and software problems from the 2 devices. When so most of us will feel very uncomfortable by moving the mouse becomes difficult, neglect. However, you can actually fix it in the following words.

How to fix if your magic mouse gets laggy on Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air and iMac?

1, Get the Magic mouse charged fully

Magic Mouse comes with batteries which can be used for more than 1 month, or less depending on the demand of using. When the batteries run out, you may encounter hiccups, lag and lost connections.

Get the Magic mouse charged fully to fix lagMagic Mouse comes with 2 Energizer batteries which can be used only once, so when batteries runs out, you will have to buy a pretty good substitute. Battery running low population also contributed to the Magic Mouse led operation instability.

2, Clean up the communication surface between Magic Mouse and the table

Clean up magic mouse to avoid lagAfter a long period of use, the surface of Magic Mouse, and communication between the desktop may no longer be sleek, you should use a damp cloth to clean them up. Limiting the surface trace piglets will lead to smoother mouse movement.

3, Reset the bluetooth connection might fix lags

Reset the bluetooth connection to fix lagif the magic mouse still gets laggy even the battery is full and all related things are cleaned up, you can attempt to disconnect and reconnect to the Magic Mouse by going to System Preferences Bluetooth -> Bluetooth, select the mouse and press the button (X).

There is a little notice that you should not place the magic mouse closely to the external HDD because the the 3.0 communication can creates a disturbance frequency to bluetooth connection between magic mouse and Mac device.

Apple also mentioned this case on the support page, you can check out if there is a similar situation.

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