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[Fix] error 0xC004F061 – Windows 10 activation problem

If you can not get Windows 10 activated successfully, there should be particular errors shown on the screen. In this topic, I will give tip to fix 0xC004F061, a common windows 10 activation error.

Windows 10 activation error

Why do you face error 0xC004F061?

According to Microsoft, there should be a clear reason which explains why you see the 0xC004F061 error:

The production key is associated with a Windows 7 or Windows 8, you therefore need to upgrade to Windows 10 from activated Previous Windows (7 or 8). You can not use this product key to activate a new installed Windows 10.

If you do not stand on the above theory, no worries because you are going to get rid of the issue in the following words.

Fix 0xC004F061 error and get Windows 10 activated successfully

As I mentioned, if you are using a Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key, you need to reinstall Windows (7 or 8) then upgrade to Windows 10. During upgrading process, if you encounter 80240020 error, look at our another topic to get rid if it.

Otherwise, you can take the following solution to solve your problem in the affected Windows 10.

  • Access Registry Editor: Type Regedt32.exe in Run (Windows Key + R) dialog box > hit Enter.
  • Go to this:


Fix Windows 10 activation error

  • Double click on DWORD to edit it (In the right side, you should find MediaBootInstall named DWORD).
Edit DWORD to activate windows 10
Set the Value data to 0 then click Ok to close the Registry
  • Launch administrative Command Prompt, then type this command: slmgr /rearm then hit Enter.

Lauch Command Prompt in Windows 10

  • Next, If you are asked to fill the product key, enter it to re-activate windows. Otherwise, you should see the prompt below. Click on Ok, Restart your Computer then activate the Windows 10 again.

Activate windows 10

Hopefully, my above tip would help to solve your case.

However, you can find how to use a free activator tool to get Windows 10 activated successfully without product key in our another topic: How to get Windows 10 for free.

Obviously, all above works on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


Mac users might want to take a look on:

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