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Fix common errors when you restore iPhone, iPad

Fix common errors when you restore iOS on iPhone and iPad

There are many troubles and problems during iPhone restoring process. You get failed? Look at our solutions to fix effectively all common errors when you attempt to restore iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

I have been collecting these tips below from a technical working in an Apple repair service in my city. He helps hundred users a day to fix variety of software problems including iPhone restore errors. Follow the error list below, you might find your case and the solution.

Common errors when restoring iPhone and corresponding solutions

I, iPhone Firmware Restoring errors in form of number and solution to fix

4013 error: Change the cable, reboot PC and attempt to restore again under DFU standardIf the problem remains the same, check your hardware.
40: likely face when you restore the latest firmware. Try to restore Firmware 4.1 or replace the iPhone Flash Drive.
98xx errors (-9814, -9815,-9812,-9800,-9808): related to iTune problem in activating. Check actual date in computer, reinstall latest iTune, change PC to activate.
-50, -35: Remove completely iTune and install again.
-1: Only face when restoring iPhone 4. Apple does not accept when you update baseband with Apple directly. You need to go to Recovery, use TinyUmberlla to kick out.
If you get stuck at Install Activator Bundle (Your iPhone gets stuck and be frozen at this step). Press and hold Home and Power buttons together until the iPhone is turned off totally.Your iPhone will be rebooted and gone to Recovery. You need to install latest TinyUmberlla (download from http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com/).

Be noticed that your Pc need to be installed Java before installing TinyUmberlla. After installing Java, you can connect iPhone to PC, choose Exist Recovery before running TinyUmberlla. If the firmware restoring is able to Jailbreak unthered, iPhone will shows menu at “hack activation” step. But if the firmware is able to be only Tethered, iPhoen will shows Apple logo, and you have to kick “just boot” to run one more time to go to menu screen.

The iPhone will reboot and go to activation screen. If your one is a world version, connect to iTune to activate. If your iPhone is Lock version, do JB (unstick all and run as normal) one more time to hack activation.
1 and 6 errors: Change to another USB Port, check the cable or upgrade to latest iTune and restart PC.
9: Our of battery. Charge your battery to at lest 50% and restore again. Still face 9 error? replace the battery.
10: iTunes version is lower than FW requires. Upgrade to newer iTunes version.
13, 14 – Can not find Firware: These errors should be equated to FW error. Check the firmware if it either gets error or does not run in Window or OS X. Download again firmware from other trusted source.
19: Insufficient signal between iTunes and iPhone. Reconnect iPhone with iTunes (you might need to change the cable).
20: 92% possibility of Charging Socket is broken. Check the charging socket and the whole main.
21: iPhone was not switched to DFU Mode.
23: Software, battery, and hardware problems. It is so ambiguous for this case.
28: 90% sure that you get trouble with hardware.
29 error: We gets this 29 error when restore process reaches 90% of task. Using iH8sn0w-iREB passes the error but we can not activate the iPhone. This problem is caused by FlashBaseband. So the solution to fix is replace the FlashBaseband.
34: Don’t have enough space.
1002: click restore again.
1004: We normally face this error when downgrading iPhone 4G firmware. Fix it by Running TinyUmbrella>Fix recovery mode.
1013: Host file problem.
* Solution: Access host file, put # before [gs.apple.com] line.
1014,1015,1016 errors: Use tinyumberlla, kick out …If you restore iOS 4.2.1, using Greenpois0n 6.1 Jailbreak helps to get rid of these errors.
1050: Can not receive signal from Apple. Use ired to restore.
1300: iTunes version does not support Firmware. Install compatible iTunes.
14xx errors ( 1413,1415,1417,1418,1428 ): Change USB port, reinstall iTunes and restart the PC.
1428: Restart computer, change USB port.
1600: This error appears when restore original Firmware, but the host file pointed to Apple server is not configured right. Look at the hosts file or switch over to Recovery mode when you restore Firmware.

1602,1601: Completely fix these errors by Restarting PC or moving to another PC then restore again.
1603 error: likely meet when you patch kernelcache. Solution: Restart computer, change USB port, and remove completely iTunes then reinstall later iTunes version.
1604: Restore original Firmware or use iREB to solve this problem.
1611: This trouble is related to hardware problem.
1618: This is an iTunes trouble. Remove iTune, restart PC, and then install another iTunes.
1619: Your iTunes using is too old, files therefore can not be read in DFU Mode and Recovery mode. Upgrade iTunes to latest version and do again to fix.
1644: IPSW is cut to somewhere else when restoring is prepared to works with iTunes. Don’t move or modify IPSW.
2001, 2006: These problems is related to connecting trouble. Check connection by changing USB Port and USB cable.
2002: this error can be explained that iTunes can not connect to Apple server apple because either it is utilizing by another program or sudden disconnect. In this case, do any thing with the iTunes: Upgrade to newer version, restart computer,…
2003: That the big different gap between USB output power and iPhone power. So, change to another USB port or even move to another PC to restore.
2005: This is exactly a connection error. Check USB port, cable, and change PC.
@eShareload : I solved trouble on iPhone 3 and iPhone 4. Just turn off iTunes and restart the PC and then restore again.
2011: IOUSBFamily error on Mac late 2008 and begin 2009. Upgrade IOUSBFamily to 10.5.7 or later or use USB Hub.
3002 : Restore FW without SHSH in Sariuk sever. There is no solution to fix.
3004: Restore 3GS without internet or internet connection is disconnected during restoring process. Check your Internet connection and attempt to restore again.
3014: You edited the host file wrongly, so iTunes can not connet to Apple server or Sauriks server. Correcting the host file is solution.
3191: This error somehow is caused by Quicktime. How to fix? Right on QuickTimePlayer > choose Properties > select Compatibility tab > uncheck Run this program in compatibility mode for > Apply > Done.
3194 : You get this trouble because you restore FW without SHSH in Sariuk server. If having SHSH, modify the host file on PC. Otherwise, no solution.
11222: There should be an application such a security software running that conflicts iTunes. Find out and remove that program.
13001: Can not Sync music and MP4 while it is doable to sync xxx.ipa. From window, go to Start/Run/msconfig. Go to startup and disable all then restart PC.
20000 : Move to another PC, restore again and the error should be fixed.

II, iPhone Firmware Restoring troubles in form of code – how to solve?

0xE8000022: This error occurs when the firmware is not compatible to iPhone model. Download the right firmware and restore again.
0xE800006B: This error appears when iPhone is unplugged during restoring process. Check cable connection and do again to fix.
0xE8000065: The custom Firmware is built by sn0wbreeze gets disconnected. How to fix? plug the cable, restart iPhone and restore again.
0xE8008001: You normally gets this error during app installing. Solve by going to cydia HIP and setup appsync compatible to the firmware.
0xE800003D: This is a Carrier Bundle error. Update Carrier Bundle setting via iTunes.

III, Fix errors in a long notification sentences

The iPhone “XXYYZZ” could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible error: Double check to make sure firmware version is right. For example, iPhone 3G works on 1,2XXX.ipsw FW and iPhone 3GS works on 2,1XXX.ipsw FW.
The iphone “XXYYZZ” cannot be restored at this time because the iphone software update server could not be contacted or is temporary unavailable: 
It seems this error is caused by disconnection between iTunes and targeted server during restore process (when press Shift+Restore). How to solve? there are 2 solution for 2 different causes:
1/ Make sure you have stable internet connection.
2/ Look back the host file which was modified and you can remove all customization. Delete gs.apple.com line is an example.
There was a problem downloading the software for the iphone “XXYYZZ” the requested resource was not found: This error solution to fix is the same as the one above.
The iPhone “XXYYZZ” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build: This error likely happens when downgrade firmware without SHSH File or the SSH File is not configured right. To fix, check SHSH file.
There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone “XXXXXXX” the network connection was reset, make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later: Turn off antivirus software and security firewall during upgrade or restore task.

IV, Fix other errors

The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred(14): Witch to DFU mode and restore original firmware.

We will continues update more iPhone restoring errors and solutions to fix in this topic. If you know anything, please contribute your experience by leaving comments.

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