Terminate forever FaceBook ID on iPhone and iPad

You might not know that instead of using web-browser, we can terminate your FaceBook ID forever using iPhone or iPad in seconds.

How to terminate Facebook account permanently – Delete forever

I do not know your reasons, and I actually do not care. If you want to terminate your Facebook account permanently (to delete Facebook account forever), take following steps that I have just done :).

7 cool tips to Master Facebook much more effectively

In this article, look at the 7 very cool tips and tricks such as using shortcuts keyboard in both Windows and Mac OS X, saving post, log management or alert setup and more… to master your Facebook much more quickly and effectively. You will see there are many interesting functions existing of the largest social networking in…

5 cool tips to Master Facebook Messenger effectively

According to a survey, there were 9/10 users were unaware of key features such as chat groups, or delete messages sent. The following article will provide the user with a few cool tips master Facebook Messenger easily.

Get rid of Facebook Messenger problem

You may be inhibited since every-time you access Facebook messenger for chatting on iPhone, you always are required to get through Facebook Messenger app or to install it if it has not been downloaded? Chatting in Facebook Messenger  is good because it is designed with features just to chit chat and conversation, but most people still prefer to just…