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Enable Apple music if not showing up in iTunes

You may encounter the problem of that the Apple music is not showing up in the iTunes in OS X on your MacBook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or iMac. Take following steps to enable Apple music in iTunes to fix the problem.

Many my clients reporting that they can not get the Apple music back after taking some clicks in a particular context. They click on “Already a Member?” when being asked to subscribe, but it does not work. They therefore click on “take me to my music“, but the problem is nothing shows up, and the Apple music is not showing up in iTunes any more. No matter your contexts are, you can easily make it show in iTunes in Mac OS X:

Take some steps in iTunes Preferences to enable or re-enable Apple Music to solve the problem

  • Go to iTunes Preferences:

Enable Apple music in iTunes

  • Next, uncheck on “Show Apple Music” > Click on “OK” button

Show Apple music in iTunes

  • You then go back into iTunes Preferences and check on both “Show Apple Music” and “iCloud Music Library“.

The problem should be solved and the Apple Music is shown up in iTunes right now.

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