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Enable and Activate TRIM in Mac OS X for better SSD performance

TRIM is a technology that allows to improve the reading/writing speed on the SSD. The SSD Hard Drive on Macs 2014 and later supports TRIM for better SSD performance. However, By default, the system does not enable this feature, we need to use external applications or command through Terminal to activate TRIM  in Mac OS X Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.

Activate TRIM in Mac OS X

There are 2 ways to Enable and Activate TRIM in Mac OS X

Enable TRIM on Mac using Software

There should be a serval software for this task. We would suggest the most common one: Trim Enabler

Trim Enabler 3 download free

Trim Enabler increases not only data Writing speed, but also lifetime of the SSD itself.

Trim Enabler 3.4 FULL version free download

Activate TRIM in OS X through Terminal

Launch Terminal (Found in /Applications/Utilities/), then copy and paste the following command and Enter.

sudo trimforce enable

How to check if TRIM is enabled in OS X already?

You can check whether or not TRIM is activated on your Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air or iMac by following this map: Go to About this Mac> System Report>SATA/SATA EXPRESS.

Check TRIM on Mac
TRIM support: Yes
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