Download V.Ray 3.7 for CINEMA 4D with Universal Keygens [All versions]

Vray for CINEMA 4D Crack Free

In this topic, we keep updating the latest V.Ray with Standalone Installer + Plugin + Universal Keygen/Unlock Patch for CINEMA 4D. V.Ray 3.7 for CINEMA 4D download!vRAY

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VRay for Cinema 4D is a professional rendering solution for Cinema 4D users. With the use of Vray, real-life imaging for product design needs is made easy and professional. V-Ray works perfectly with Cinema 4D and makes Cinema 4D to be one of the best rendering tools available today.

As an excellent rendering enhancing plug-in/standalone app specifically designed for Cinema 4D users, VRAY For C4D is widely used in many fields, such as special effects in film, television advertisements, industrial design, architectural design, and so on.


V-ray Standalone Installer + Plugin + Universal Keygen/Unlock Patch

V-RAY Versions Cinema 4D For Mac For Windows
v3.70.01 R20/Standalone
  • Update soon
v3.60.03 R18/R19/Standalone

Installation instructions:

How to install V-RAY v3.70.01 on Mac:

Copy the files into the following path (You may be asked for administrator password to confirm the change):

Application/Maxon/Cinema 4D RXX/Plugins/VrayBridge/res/libs/osx/

How to install V-RAY v3.60.03 on Mac?

  • Copy all available files from “CommonLibs” folder to the following path:
Application/Maxon/Cinema 4D R19/CINEMA
  • Copy all files from the “VrayBridge” folder to the following path:
Application/Maxon/Cinema 4D R19/plugins
  • Open Cinema 4D, it will prompt “VRayForC4D serial number error”
  • Next, just Run the keygen -> enter the serial number of Cinema 4D -> click ‘Generate’ -> save the generated license file to Cinema 4D’s root directory
Application/Maxon/Cinema 4D R19
  • Next, Right-click on the  ‘VrayBridge.key‘ file to display the profile, and change all permissions to readable and writable.
  • Finally, Restart Cinema 4D and you get things done

How to install V-RAY v3.60.03 on Windows?

  • Download and install your desired version of V-Ray for Cinema as administrator (like ‘VrayBridge_R18_V3_161212.exe’)
  • Remember that On step “Select a Cinema 4D target installation“, you must locate the ‘Plugins‘ folder under your Cinema 4D installation directory.
  • Run the keygen and open Cinema 4D
  • You now Copy the serial number to keygen and generate a ‘VrayBridge.key‘ license file
  • Direct save or copy this license file to “….\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18
  • Restart Cinema 4D, then Done!

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