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Download FREE Micro Snitch 1.3 Full Crack [Mac]

Micro Snitch Mac Crack

Download and get FREE Micro Snitch v1.3.1 Fully Cracked by TNT Team – An application records audio through your Mac’s built-in microphone without your knowledge.

This ultra-light application lets you know when someone is spying on you. It works in the background and monitors any kind of camera or microphonic activity. It also logs everything, so you can even check later regarding any suspicious activities on your Mac. So if you are worried that any of the application is recording your audio or using camera, then you can relax by installing Micro Snitch in your Mac.

With Micro Snitch you always know whether some app is currently using your microphone and its logging facilities allow you to reveal any suspicious activities later on.

Download Mac Micro Snitch 1.3 Full Crack

Micro_Snitch_1.3.1_MAS.TNT.zip   (download)
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