Download FREE LATEST VST BANKS VOL- 62 (2018)

Latest VST BANKS free download

Download for FREE the latest LATEST VST BANKS VOL-62 (2018), which Includes Ancore Sounds Spire Trance Family 2, Big EDM Future Bass and Trap Presets Sylenth1 Massive Spire Serum, and more.

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All files were uploaded by MacDrug.

26.4 GB
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  • VOL-59
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  • VOL-58
13.01 GB
  • VOL-57
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  1. 0on3 PortaStudio v1.0 [KONTAKT]
  2. Ancore Sounds FabFilter Pro Mastering Ableton Template [DAW Templates]
  3. Bela D Media Giovani Revive KONTAKT
  4. Black Octopus Sound Dennis Sheperd Main Room Trance WAV NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS MASSiVE
  5. Cartel Loops Generation Sylenth Bank [Synth Presets]
  6. Cymatics “Sparks” Chillwave Project File ALS LOGIC FLP
  7. Cymatics “Turn It Up” Dubstep Project File ALS LOGIC FLP
  8. Cymatics Element Arps for Serum Vol.1 [Synth Presets]
  9. Cymatics Element Leads for Serum Vol.1 [Synth Presets]
  10. Empty Vessel Weave [Synth Presets]
  11. In Session Audio Shimmer Shake Strike KONTAKT
  12. New Loops Repro5 Pro Expansion [Synth Presets]
  13. Nozytic Reversed Godz (Gross Beat Bank) FL Studio
  15. SampleHero The Cinematic Scoring Bundle [KONTAKT]
  16. Sonic Underworld Repro5 Meridian [Synth Presets]
  17. Sonic Underworld Zebra Valiant and Dark Zebra Valiant [Synth Presets]
  18. SoundFreqs SFX Vol. 1 NI Massive Presets
  19. Studio Toolz Ableton DAW Prests Bundle [DAW Presets, Ableton Live]
  20. Subsonic Artz Nexus 49 [Synth Presets]
  21. Toontrack AltRock Grooves [MiDi]
  22. Toontrack Country Grooves [MiDi] [WiN]
  23. Toontrack Country Pop EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  24. Toontrack DoomCore [MiDi] [WiN]
  25. Toontrack Emotional Ballads EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  26. Toontrack Indiependent MIDI [MiDi]
  27. Toontrack Metal Fusion [MiDi] [WiN]
  28. Toontrack New Wave EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  29. Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 [MiDi] [WiN]
  30. Toontrack Pocket Grooves [MiDi] [WiN]
  31. Toontrack Rythme Sauvage [MiDi] [WiN]
  32. Toontrack Shuffles EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  33. Toontrack SingerSongwriter EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  34. Toontrack The Progressive Foundry [MiDi] [WiN]
  35. Toontrack The Rock Foundry [MiDi] [WiN]
  36. Toontrack UK Pop EZkeys MIDI [MiDi] [WiN]
  37. Toontrack UK Pop Grooves [MiDi] [WiN]
  38. Triple Spiral Audio Pagan III Impacts [Synth Presets]
  39. Triple Spiral Audio Zodiac [IRIS]
  40. Uhe Diva Presets and Skins 03 2018 [Synth Presets]
  41. uhe Zebra Presets 03 2018 [Synth Presets]
  42. WaetherM World Elements 2 for Harmor Synth
  43. Audiomodern OPAL For XFER RECORDS SERUM
  44. Cymatics Biomass Riddim Project File Ableton Logic FL Studio
  45. Cymatics Shooter Dubstep Project File [DAW Templates]
  46. Cymatics Too Late Hybrid Trap Project File ALS Logic FLP
  47. Ecliptiq Audio Dust Volume 1 For XFER RECORDS SERUM
  48. Ecliptiq Audio EFFX For XFER RECORDS SERUM
  49. Ecliptiq Audio Flash Volume 1 For XFER RECORDS SERUM
  50. Ecliptiq Audio Seism NATiVE iNSTRUMENTS KONTAKT
  51. Fabrizio Poce J74 Progressive v4.0.4 Max for Live
  52. Hammerstein Ballroom for Altiverb 7.28+
  53. ModeAudio Silhouette For XFER RECORDS SERUM
  54. Pluginguru Del Norte EDMChill for Omnisphere 2
  55. PlugInGuru Northern Impakt V1 [Synth Presets]
  56. Prosonic Studios Midi Arpegio Series Major and Minor Arpeggio 118 [MiDi] [WiN]
  57. Red Sounds Trap Serum WAV MiDi SERUM
  58. Sonic Underworld Omnisphere Trinitum Volume 1 For SPECTRASONiCS OMNiSPHERE 2
  59. Sonic Underworld UNOLX Origins For TALUNOLX
  60. Sonic Underworld Zebra Kaleidoscope + Dark Remix For UHE ZEBRA 2
  61. Sonic Underworld Zebra Pandora For UHE ZEBRA 2
  62. Sonic Underworld Zebra Transcendence For UHE ZEBRA 2
  63. Sounds Divine Electronica for uhe ACE
  64. Sounds Divine Future Sound Waves for Largo
  65. Sounds Divine Lost Horizons for Oxium
  66. Sounds Divine Original Score for uhe Diva
  67. Sounds Divine Retro Wave for XILSlab PolyKB II and III
  68. Sounds Divine Vintage Analogue for XILS 4
  69. The Midnight UHe Diva Soundbank [Synth Presets]
  70. Triple Spiral Audio Dark Dreams [Synth Presets]
  71. Triple Spiral Audio Pagan I + II Bundle [Synth Presets]
  72. Triple Spiral Audio Pagan IV [IRIS]REPACK
  73. Triple Spiral Audio Pagan V [Synth Presets]
  74. Triple Spiral Audio Time [Synth Presets]
  75. Vandalism Shocking Deep And Future House For LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1
  76. Vandalism Shocking Future Pop For Serum [Synth Presets]
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