Delete email that is stuck in outbox in iOS Apple mail on iPhone, iPad

If you have an email that gets stuck in your outbox in iOS Apple mail, you will be annoyed since it constantly hungs up. Moreover, this consumes your iPhone battery significantly. How to delete this kind of email? Look at our tip below.

Delete emails that are stuck in outbox

Remove completely stuck email in Apple mail outbox on iPhone and iPad

Basically, the best way to solve this issue is delete all added email in your iOS Email app, then add them at new again. However, you should try the following quick steps to manually delete stuck emails before doing that.

  • Set your iPhone in Airplane mode.
  • Run the Mail application.
  • Access to the Outbox folder.
  • Tab on Edit, select the stuck email by touching the circle which stands next to it.
  • Tab Delete.
  • Your problem should be solved now.