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Connect Modem or existing Routers and Airport via Ethernet cable

Apple Airport Extreme not only comes with beautiful design but also provides mac users with impressed Wifi performance improvement and security. A common problem you might encounter is how to connect the Apple Airport Extreme to your Modem or existing Routers via Airport ethernet cable. Look at our following instruction to do.

Connect modem and apple airport via Ethernet cable

To avoid any confused things, my context is that I have been using Wireless from my Airport extreme. My Apple airport is connected to a Cisco Router which is plugged into the main router (Modem) via cable. Config Airport and existing routers

To check the IP-address of the ethernet interface and the Subnet mask of the Airport Extreme which is connected to my laptop directly, access System Preference > Network > Select WiFi net work name on the left side > Click on Advanced button.

Check IP-Adress and subnet mask of Router

From the NetWork window coming up, select TCP/IP tab, you will be able to see the router ip address and the subnet mask:

Check Airport Ip address


For example, my Airport Router ip address is (yours should be or and the Subnet Mask is

My computer will be lost if there are 3 identical ip addresses of the modem, Cisco router and the Apple Airport. So, what I need to do is that Just enter the setup and manually configure an IP-address for the ethernet interface of the Airport Extreme in the same private address range as the ethernet interface in the Cisco router and the Modem.

More specifically, If the IP-address of the ethernet interface (The modem) is and the Subnet mask is, I need to assign Subnet mask to the ethernet interface (Cisco router) and Subnet mask to the Apple Airport Extreme.

Hopefully my tutorial would help.

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