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Setup to Combine 2 Airport Extremes via ethernet to extend internet connection

Apple Airport Extreme not only comes with beautiful design but also provides mac users with impressed Wifi performance improvement and security. If you have two Apple Airport Extremes, how to configure to setup and combine them via ethernet for extending your internet in both LAN and WAN connections?

Setup two AirportsWe can easy setup the 2 two Airport Extreme for using together by following AirPort Extreme Setup Guide. In other words, the “wizard” configuration will handle it automatically. However, everyone tends to not be confident to figure it out them-self. Pay your attentions on following steps:

  • Must setup and make the fist Airport Extreme work well. We call the first one is the main Airport Router.
  • Connect your Mac OS X to the first Airport wireless.
  • Reset the second Apple AirPort to Factory Default setting. You don’t have to do that on the brand new one.
  • The Ethernet cable connects from a LAN <—> port on the first (main router) AirPort to the WAN “O” port on the second AirPort.
  • Turn the second Airport on then wait for a few minutes.

The further steps is shown specifically in Mac OS X. Windows users should find the right way based on my steps:

  • In Mac OS X, access the WiFi icon at the top of the screen then look for a listing of New AirPort Base Station (the First AirPort is named TWNDB in the following image). Just below that listing, click directly on AirPort Extreme.

Setup 2 Apple airports in OS X

  • Clicking on AirPort Extreme will start running the setup wizard. It might takes a while to show a screen that show instruction to configure the second AirPort. Fill the DeviceName you want to name the Second AirPort, then Click on Next.

Setup the second AirPort

  • You then should know how to do in the next screens to confirm that the upstairs AirPort is being configured to extend using Ethernet, which confirms that the wizard has correctly detected the Ethernet connection between the AirPorts and will set up the the second Apple AirPort accordingly.

Setting up the second Apple Airport

Click on Done once the notification of Setup Complete appears, you get your two Apple AirPort combined and worked together in order to extend your Network.

More information you might want to take a look:

According to Tesserax on Apple Community (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7133932), instruction of Roaming Network (Manual) Setup – APUv6:

Roaming Network (Manual) Setup - APUv6

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