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CleanMyMac 3 Review – Should we buy?


In this writing, I want to review an Application called CleanMyMac 3 by developers named MacPaw. I was asked to review it a week ago and today is 22 November. That means I have been using this app extensively over the course of a month for wise reviews .

Right off the bat, I have to say this is a really good application for speeding up and freeing up space on your Mac. However, we need to get into the details about the app to see if it is wise to buy this application or not.

Free Download

MacPaw offers free download for trial which gives users only one free scan and one free cleanup rather. This means you can clean your Mac for one time, then you’d have to buy the license key for further using.

The Attractive Description

Attractive CleanMyMac

According to MacPaw, it scans the entire system, then removes gigabytes of junk in just 2 clicks and monitors the health of your Mac. It seems to be very attractive description of how the application actually works.

My Review


After get the the app opened, we could see right off the bat that we get this beautiful interface. It has been designed from the ground up to ten years for such this very nice & organized interface.

CleanMyMac 3 Beautiful interface

Users get visual all the options for everything in the Application. We can just use Smart Cleanup, System Junk, iPhoto Junk, whatever for one click. Let’s go further to see how effective and efficient the application works by running the Smart Cleanup which basically scans your entire Mac Computer for old files and Junk, then shows you how much space able to cleanup.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

I am using Macbook pro 2014 which is built with 256 GB Flash Storage (SSD). The following picture specify my Data usage information.

Data usage

Once clicking on smart Scan button, the application will start scanning the entire Hard driver of the Mac in order from System Junk —> iPhoto Junk —> Mail Attachments —> iTunes Junk —> Trash Bins —> Large & Old Files.

Start Scaning

How long the process takes really depends on the volume of data and reading speed of the hard driver.

After 3 minutes scanning, CleanMyMac 3 has identified 4.69 GB of System Junk, Mail Attachments and Trash Bins could be removed without any loss to my system or private data.

A lot of Junk data has just been scanned
A lot of Junk data has just been scanned

The good thing is it does not automatically cleanup all the junk data unless user click on the Clean button. In my case, it takes 2 minutes more to remove completely all the scanned Junk data and free up 4.69 Gb of space.


This feature really impress me. The point is what makes differences since it is obviously doable to remove applications installed in Mac OS X from Launchpad window?

Remove app from Launchpad

By using Launchpad, we just can remove only the apps downloaded from Apple Store.

Uninstaller in CleanMyMac scans all applications including the third-party softwares existing on the Mac and every single file generated by Apps installed. This should be a perfect uninstaller basically since it removes not only remove the app but also the files and data came with the targeted app.

Uninstaller in Cleanmymac
Uninstaller in Cleanmymac 3



Maintenance tool basically allows user to run set of scripts that quickly optimize the Mac system’s performances such as improving disk performance, resolving various app errors, and improving search performance. This would be so helpful when my Macbook Pro gets slow down or even laggy.


From Privacy, we can remove all attachments from mail, iMessage, browser’s data (cookies, history,..).



By using Extensions tool, I was so surprise since I have a list of 88 extensions and plugins installed. Some of them I never heart before and have no ideas about how they were added.

Manage extensions


I personally like this cool feature. Shredder helps to delete unwanted files or folders quickly and without leaving a trace. Just click and drag any folders and files into this, shredder then encrypt them before deleting execution.

Is there anyone supposes CleanMyMac 3 is not safe?

Is CleanMyMac safe? Macpaw has been focusing on CleanMyMac since 10 years ago. They are creating great products for Mac users and making good business. The same as the rest, I am using CleanMyMac 3 and having no issues yet. The point is how much for a single license, and is it worthy enough to buy it?

Should we buy CleanMyMac?

Overall, this is very nice application. The only another thing I have to say about it is that it is pretty expensive. $39.95 for a single license, $59.95 for a license for 2 Macs, and $89.95 for one license that can be used up to 5 Macs.

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