Bluetooth connectivity does not work properly in Mac OS X Capitan [FIX]

Fix bluetooth problem in El capitan

If Bluetooth does not work properly in OS X Capitan, this tutorial will instructs you how to troubleshoot bluetooth to fix common issues such as “Bluetooth Not Available” or any other kids of possible problems you might encounter on your Mac.

Many Mac users absolutely face variety of problems related to bluetooth activity in Mac OS X Yosemite or after upgrading to El Capitan. My case was that I got the message of “Bluetooth Not Available”. The others normally get trouble in Bluetooth connection with Apple keyboard, Magic Mouse and other bluetooth devices. Your circumstances might be different. Whatever the issues are, look at the following instruction to get rid of the troubles.

Troubleshoot and Fix Bluetooth issues in Mac OS X El Capitan

# Solution 1: Delete

This method especially fix completely the issue of “Bluetooth Not Available”.

  • From OS X Capitan, access “Go To Folder” by hit “Command+Shift+G” then type the following line: “/Library/Preferences/”
  • Locate the file with extension of “” and Delete it. If you see any others with the same extension such as “”, delete all of them.

Delete to Fix bluetooth issues in OS X CapitanReboot your Mac, and then see if the bluetooth works right away again. Otherwise, take the solution 2.

# Solution 2: Reboot Mac SMC

SMC stands for System Management Controller.

  • Shutdown your Mac completely and then remove the battery and the connection to the adapter.
  • You then hold down the Power button for at least 15 seconds, then put in the battery and the adapter. Finally, boot your Mac as normal.

For the Mac which with non-removable battery, you still can reboot the SMC:

  • Shutdown the Mac, then Press Control+Shift+Option + power button together for couple of seconds then free all the keys.

Reset Reset SMC to troubleshoot Bluetooth in Mac OS X

# Solution 4: Reset PRAM

Press the power button then hold down Command+Option+P+R keys together until you hear the computer chime twice.

Capitan bluetooth problems

I pretty sure that after committing in order of the 4 solutions above, all common bluetooth issues should be fixed completely in Mac OS X El Capital, Yosemite or any older Mac OS X Versions.