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Best Mac download manager apps for OS X El Capitan 2018

Best download manager for Mac

In the range of this article, I am going to share top 5 best download manager for Mac OS X (2018).

Mac OS X has been bringing a new futures to this world. The number of software developers who is focusing on applications for Mac OS X system is increasing strongly. Nowadays, mac users have many choices for a best download manager app. Sadly, it seems there is no particular app that can compare with the most powerful download manager – Internet Download Manager in Window system. However, there are many good download manager apps for Mac with great features that. The order below is arranged from 1 to 5 according to personal evaluation perspective, you guys leave comments for your opinions.

Folx Pro – the best download manager for MacOS Sierra


Folx + and Folx Pro are 2 versions of Folx. Folx + is just a free version providing for Mac users with limited functions. In contrast, Folx Pro with full  features should be the best one to be compared with IDM of Window. Using Folx pro is easy by just opening the download link on web browser, Folx will start download the file for you automatically. The same mechanism as Internet download manager, Folx pro also splits the downloads into ten different threads to maximize download speed.

The Latest Folx Pro 5 costs $19.95, but hopefully, the following 25% Discount page is still valid at your time.

Folx Pro 5 – Top Features

  • Split your downloads: Folx splits the targeted downloads into ten different threads to optimize the download speed
  • Schedule downloads: schedule the downloads in advance
  • Smart speed adjustment: download speed is automatically adjusted if users need to share internet speed for other softwares or activities on Mac
  • Torrent client: Folx Pro 4 a powerful torrent client
  • Search the web: Users are able to search the web for torrents directly from Folx Pro
  • iTunes integration: integrate Folx with iTunes so all of your downloaded music and videos can automatically go right into your iTunes library

iGetter – the second best download manager for Mac

iGetter - the second best download manager for Mac

iGetter, a download manager app for Mac OS X from Presenta Software Ltd, provides mac users with high speed download by using segment downloaded for boosting up download speed. Especially, with the feature of reboot automatically in broken connection circumstances, unstable network such as dial-up can not be a problem any more. Auto resume of broken download is the strength that motivate using this app.

Leech – efficient download manager for Mac

Leech - efficient download manager for Mac

Leech is one more good choice for Mac users in order to manage and maximize downloading speed. It focuses on browsers integration. You therefore can make a setting of user name and password for corresponding servers. For instance, if you have a premium account at uploaded.net (a big common file sharing service) for high downloading speed, you can setup an automatic login to your account once the Leech catches the download link from uploaded.net. Moreover, you don’t need to add any extensions for web browsers for using automatic download link catching. Leech desires to be one of best download manager for Mac.

Jdownloader 2 – the best free download manager for Mac OS X

Jdownloader 2 - the best free download manager for MacJDownloader is being improving to be a complete best download manager for Mac as the developer said . This pretty good app helps mac users to manage and download with high speed on Mac OS operating systems. I’ve never used this app but the interface looks very friendly and simple. The strength of this is using the most basic features as you can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth limits, automatic archiving, and extracting. It seems to be like the safari download manager. They key of this download manager is it is free, and it should be the best free download manager for Mac OS X

Speed Download Lite

Speed Download Lite
Speed Download Lite was expected to be the best download manager for Mac

Speed Download Lite has all the features for the purpose of downloading manager on Mac. It was even considered and expected to be an IDM for Mac OS X. With really modern interface, it was so remarkable and popular as I remember a few years ago. Yazsoft, the developer of this expected IDM Alternative for Mac, should have invested a ton of money and human resources on it. However, Speed Download Lite no longer is supporting after sales were not as expected. At the official notification on Yazsoft homepage,  all commercial users purchase after January 21, 2014 will not be supported and solve any problems
However, you can try download Speed Download Lite full version for free here:

Bottom line

Which one is the best download manager for MacOS? That depends on your perspectives. Leave a comment for further discuses for this topic if you feel interested in.


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6 years ago

There are several high quality download managers on OS X that are not included here. Please review this article.

Apps such as "Maxel" and "Progressive downloader" should definitely be high up on the list.

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