How to fix if your Apple TV seems to not turn on with the error of “Unable to sign in. Unable to connect to server at this time. Please try again later” on the screen? Look at our solution below.

Fix Unable to sign in error in Apple tv

Restore Apple TV using iTunes to fix if it will not turn on

Prepare a micro USB cable, then take following steps to restore your Apple TV using iTunes:

(if you have a camera or other digital devices, you might have micro USB cable already)

  • Take off all connections to Apple TV by removing all available cables.
  • Use micro USB cable to connect between Apple TV and your PC.
  • If you are doing on Apple TV 3, replug the power cable.
  • From your PC, open iTunes, then select your Apple TV from the Devices list and click on Restore button.
  • Wait for awhile, and you should solve your problem.