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All keyboard tips & tricks in Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite and other OS X versions

OS X El Capitan Keyboards tips and tricks

I have been collecting these awesome keystrokes for a few years. All keyboard tips & tricks below exactly work right on Mac OS X Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) or other OS X versions. They must work on OS X El Capitan as well.

All useful keyboard shortcuts will be classified into different categories:

  • Menu Symbols
  • Dock
  • Finder
  • Screenshots
  • App Switcher
  • Dashboard
  • Text
  • Spotlight
  • Safari
  • Preview
  • Startup, Restart, Shutdown & Sleep
  • Mission Control
  • Apple Mail
  • Miscellaneous
  • Emacs Key Bindings

I, Master Menu Symbols in OS X El Capitan with keyboards

Menu Symbols El Capitan

II, Dock – amazing tips

Dock tips in El Capitan

III, Finder – How to control fully?

Finder control in Capitan OS X

IV, Screenshots

How to take screenshots in OS X Capitan?

How to take Screenshots in OS X Capitan

V, App Switcher

How to switch apps in OS X Capitan?

how to switch apps in OS X Capitan

VI, Dashboard

You can control and exploit Dashboard in OS X Capitan deeply.

Control Dashboard in OS XVII, Text

Working with Text is over your expectation if you know how to use it.

How to work with Text in OS X Capitan

VIII, Spotlight

What is Spotlight and how to use it in Mac OS X?
Organizing data on a computer is a difficult job, and in most cases is the sole responsibility of the user. Spotlight provides a new way of organizing and accessing information in on your computer by using metadata. Metadata is data about a file, rather than the actual content stored in the file.

Tips to use Sportlight in Mac OS X Capitan

IX, Safari

There are many keyboard shortcuts to use Safari much more quickly.

Safari keyboard shortcuts in OS X

 X, Preview

Look at some zoom functions with Preview to see how to view, zoom in (-) or zoom out (+) in Mac OS X Capitan.

How to vew and zoom in + out image in OS X Captian

XI, Mission Control

We will not talk about what is Mission Control in OS X, we look at how to use it.

How to use mission control in OS X Capitan

XII, Apple Mail – how to use in Mac OS X Capitan?

Look at our these Apple Mail tips and tricks:

Apple mail keyboards tips and tricks

XIII, Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts in OS X Capitan

XIV, Emacs Key Bindings

Emacs Key Bindings keyboard tips in OS X Capitan

XV, Startup, Restart, Shutdown & Sleep keyboard tips in OS X

We do not share you just a few things such: Shutdown immediately, Forced Restart, Sleep immediately. See how many Keyboards you can utilize to manage Startup, Restart, Shutdown and Sleep functions in OS X Capitan.

Startup, Restart, Shutdown & Sleep keyboard tips in OS X

All above are almost all Keyboard shortcut tips and tricks that would help you master, control and use Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite or older OS X Versions. Make a comment for your ideas and share our tip to help the others.

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