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A – Z essential SEO Tips

My following words will be very brief, but absolutely useful. Today, I would share and cover fully basic and essential SEO Tips strongly suggested by a friend, a SEO consultant who has been building websites since March 1995, and has widely interviewed on SEO topics by Entrepreneur, PCWorld, Monster.com, etc. He had a highly successful SEO business for 10 years with over 2 million #1 positions in Google and Yahoo for our clients. Well, what do I learn from him?

A-Z SEO Tips

A – Z essential SEO Tips

Note that Google rolled out new version of PANDA recently. They continue to refine placement, and are putting emphasis on mobile friendly, ORIGINAL CONTENT, “answers to questions,” https capability, pagespeed insights, sitemaps, and the usual stuff still relevant:
a) inbound links from organic sites, not paid text links or text ads, help placement
b) blocking bad links from “bad sites” such as low quality scrapers – you can disavow bad sites (we do this with sites like ‘searchnaked’ which had thousands of links to us)
c) proper schema markup.
d) limit junk posts (e.g., youtube video and one sentence — is not original content).
e) limit content you “steal” from other sites then link to them as source — write your own version, get your own photo; that helps your ranking.
f) site structure matters; good navigation, prioritize the POST over categories, tags, etc.
g) don’t sell text links, avoid popups, interstitials that block content loading for Google bot
h) READ the free Google guide to best practices for people looking for SEO tips.
i) write original headlines – check your headline to see if it already exists; do something different!
j) posts should have at least 5 paragraphs so it looks like original post and not excerpt of another post.
k) don’t use “next page” for home page; conflicts with your category indexes.
l) update site regularly — updates every 6 weeks shows lack of new content.
m) that create your own images where possible, vs copying somebody else’s is a very essential thing in SEO Tips guide.
n) learn to use your Google webmaster tools (now “console”) properly.
o) don’t overload pages with too many ad modules from adsense, amazon, other ad system, etc. — too many ads pollutes your pages.
p) use h tags for your relevant subheads in your posts, not just bold sub heads — couch your subheads as answers to questions people might ask “The right way to boil spaghetti” … etc.
q) make sure guest posts are not also being posted on other sites (!!)
r) share the heck out of your posts to social media, but use the social media worth sharing to and ignore the stuff nobody uses anymore (sorry, delicious, diigo, Technorati, etc.).
s) don’t use sock puppets for clicking your ads; paid likes on social media; or similar.
t) answer comments on your posts to create dialog.
u) make backups of your site often and carefully (!) — if your system crashes, and you’re off the web for prolonged period of time — very bad for SEO after xx days.
v) do you have a backup plan if your host goes out of business, or GoDaddy DNS crashes again and your site is down?
w) consider spending a small amount on Google ads to promote your best posts or site on the topic you most want to be found under, like “horse breeding” or whatever.
x) make sure your site is verified with all the top search engines.
y) ignore stupid things like so called “ranking sites” like Alexa which are completely wrong on traffic, including their inability to track shortcode use.
z) check your site regularly to ensure it’s secure ! Make sure you have security plan. Make sure you have privacy policy on your site.

  • The best SEO tip is still ORIGINAL content, posts between 800-1200 words are the “Sweet Spot” — avoid short posts and copycat of other site content and images; avoid posts with a YouTube video and one paragraph about it, etc.
  • Also be aware for any sites in Google News, they have been having hiccups again since last month, where sometimes image not shown in GN searches, headlines may pull the (ironically) alt tag from photo vs the headline, and other oddities.
  • Also be aware Google’s bot has been pulling in “hidden content for mobile” as part of desktop results lately, implying that there is some shift in their scraper to “mobile first” for scraping news sites, desktop as fallback. We had a hidden photo on mobile “tap to view image:” so that the photo wouldn’t be see unless asked for in mobile … that text showed up in Google News in excerpt from story.

Google never announces how do they mark your website on their complicated system of course. They sometimes share very basic SEO Tips in order of make you follow their rule to facilitate their business. However, we experience, we learn and we share. Hopefully my article would help. Cheers!

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