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7 cool tips to Master Facebook much more effectively

In this article, look at the 7 very cool tips and tricks such as using shortcuts keyboard in both Windows and Mac OS X, saving post, log management or alert setup and more… to master your Facebook much more quickly and effectively. You will see there are many interesting functions existing of the largest social networking in the world you might not know yet.

Facebook tips and tricks

1, Using keyboard to take shortcuts on Facebook in Windows and Mac OS X

Facebook web version has a variety shortcuts help users manipulate without using the mouse. For example, you can like or “unlike” a status shared with the L key, press S to share, or comment by pressing C.

Facebookkeyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X

There are more than 12 shortcuts with keyboards on Google chrome, Firefox and Safari.

facebook shortcuts in mac os x

Facebook keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Look at the following image for all available shortcuts for using Facebook in Windows.

Window facebook shortcut keyboards2, Device login management

Device login management on facebook

If you have access Facebook on a public device or friend’s device but forget to logout your account, you can totally logout remotely by going to Settings> Security> Where You’re Logged In. Facebook will list all the devices you use. To terminate the login, select End Activity.

3, Quickly save Video and web links

save Video and web links on facebook

On Facebook, you see, enjoy or even learn many things that people share. When you want to save a move or a web link, just click on the arrow next to the post, select Save or Save link. You then can review very conveniently.

4, Save Facebook events to calendar

Save Facebook events to calendar

In order not to miss any events on Facebook, the birthday of a friends, Facebook allows their users to sync important milestones with calendar app of Google or Apple. From Events, pull down and you will see a notification box. Selecting Upcoming Events will save the Upcoming Events. Furthermore, choosing Birthdays will sync all birthday remind.

5, Get Warning when logging from new device

Get Warning when logging from new deviceSecurity is an issue concerned by Facebook users. This social networking functionality to let you know when your account is logged in on the device unsafe. To activate, go to Settings> Security> Login Alerts, where users can choose to be notified with Facebook notifications, via e-mail or by SMS.

6, Dig your Facebook as another friend position

Are you wondering what other people will see when watching on your Facebook, is your privacy information visible from other people? To view your Facebook under others position, click on your personal pages and then click on View As under View Activity Log.

Dig your Facebook as another friends

And then click on View as Specific Person, type a friend’s Facebook name to watch your Facebook under his or her view.

How to see your facebook under other view

7, Download a copy of your Facebook data to your computer

How would you do if one day you do not use Facebook, want to transfer to another account or are afraid of that this social network will be closed with the possible loosing data including photos and video posted. You can download all your Facebook information to your computer.

Download a copy of your Facebook data to your computer

We do this by going to Settings > scroll down and choose Download a copy of your Facebook data.

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