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5 cool tips to Master Facebook Messenger effectively

5 tips to master Facebook Messenger easily

According to a survey, there were 9/10 users were unaware of key features such as chat groups, or delete messages sent. The following article will provide the user with a few cool tips master Facebook Messenger easily.

Over many years of development, Facebook is the largest social network, and Facebook Messenger chat tool is also widely used on most mobile devices at this time.

Facebook messenger was supposed to be one of the most annoying app in the galaxy when it was fist released. Now we somehow like this app because we have no choice to ignore it.

Here are tips to help users make better use of the cool features of Facebook Messenger.

1. Stop the notification in a period

Stop the notification in a period in facebook messegener

One of the biggest complaints about Facebook Messenger users are notifications that sometimes its annoying. Many users choose to disable sounds, or turn off the Wi-fi network to limit the continuous notifications on their iPhone, but did not know that there is a more simple way, which is preventing this message in a certain time period.

To install, go to the Settings menu of the Facebook Messenger, then click Notification, and temporarily wipe away the option displays notification if you are not want to be bothered. Besides, users can also stop display of notifications, or a certain chat groups by clicking the name of the person or group, then click on the (i) icon in the upper right corner. Then choose Notification, then select the time you want to block messages from a user / user groups.

Stop the notification in a period in Anroid
Select the length of time you want the notifications to be muted for in Anroid

2. Delete message in Facebook messenger

How to Delete message in Facebook messenger

Sometimes we often encounter the problem with wrong information, or messaging wrong words to someone else. To solve this problem, Facebook Messenger allows users to remove away message on smartphone or tablet with an extremely simple method. Accordingly, you just press and hold the message to delete until the pop-up notification bar appears with 3 options: Copy, Delete, Forward. Select Delete to delete the message.

3. Check if your message have been read yet

Facebook Messenger supports users to check the status of a message whether it was sent, or have been read yet. When sending a message, if you pay attention you can see a circle icon located in the lower right corner of the message.


– If the round white and blue border, which means that your message is being sent.

– If the white circle with checkmark in the middle, which means the message has been sent.
– If the green circle with a check mark, which means that the message has been received.
– If the symbols circle with profile pictures of your friend, which means that the message has been read.

4. Review and hide the location information

Review and hide the location information in messenger app

Facebook Messenger gives users several features to determine location based on GPS, and can notice where your friend is reading the message. To activate this feature, you can go to the Settings on the iPhone, then turn access Location Services. Then scroll down to tab Messenger, disable or enable Location Service.

5. Create a chat group which contains favorite friends

Create a chat group which contains favorite friends in messenger

To do this, you simply press Groups at the bottom > click on Create to for generating new group. To add friends into created group, select targeted group and then click on Pin to starting finding desired friends.

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