integrate third-party keyboad in iOS on iPhone

iOS 8.4 supports third-party keyboards. In this tutorial, we give you a tip of how to integrate a third-party keyboard in iOS 8.4 on iPhone 6 and iPad. This instruction obviously works on all iOS version.

iOS software developers seems to meet the demand of many people who want to customize the keyboard on their iPhone and iPad. There are variety of a third-party keyboard available to download such as: Swype, Swiftkey,Text Expander 3 + Keyboard, One Handed Keyboard,… You can find more on Apple store.

After download an install a third-party keyboard, how to integrate into iOS?

Look at our tip with Swype, the most common external keyboard for iOS.

install a third-party keyboard, how to integrate into iOS

There are many new third-party keyboards at the time you read this tip. No matter which external-keyboards you are using and which iOS version (iOS 7.x, iOS 8.x, and iOS 9.x), the solution to integrate them into iOS should remain the same.